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Another day, another (terrorist) threat, another (freedom) loss

January 29, 2010 Leave a comment Go to comments

Now I’m no cynic, so I take everything that any government, especially the UK and US governments, tell me at face value.

On 22 January, Home Secretary Alan Johnson warned us that “The Joint Terrorism Analysis Centre has today raised the threat to the UK from international terrorism from SUBSTANTIAL to SEVERE. This means that a terrorist attack is highly likely.” He also pointed out that “In his statement to parliament on security and counter terrorism earlier this week, the Prime Minister said that the first and most important duty of government is the protection and security of the British people.”

Oh dear. I and the rest of the British people must expect another terrorist attack imminently. That’s what he said. But that nice Mr Brown also said that the government is duty bound to do everything to protect me. I must accept their help and help them to help me.

Yesterday, I also noticed a separate and obviously unrelated report in the Register:

Exclusive The Home Office has created a new unit to oversee a massive increase in surveillance of the internet, The Register has learned…

“More recently, [a Home Office spokesman said] we have been considering how, in a changing communications environment, lawful acquisition of communications data and interception of communications can continue to save lives, to counter terrorism, to detect crime and prosecute offenders, and to protect the public.”

Officials envisage communications providers will maintain giant databases of everything their customers do online, incluing email, social networking, web browsing and making VoIP calls. They want providers to process the mass of data to link it to individuals, to make it easier for authorities to access.

Oh dear, oh dear. Here, despite it being International Data Privacy Day (also yesterday) I can see that I shall have to abandon any outrage against the creeping tyranny and galloping authoritarianism of Comrade Brown, MI5, their NSA paymasters, the Grand Committee of the New World Order, and all the other bastards and accept the total loss of all my data privacy in order to protect myself from this new SEVERE terrorism threat.

After all, this government has never, ever, ever lied to me before. Has it?

  1. Thomas John Brown
    January 29, 2010 at 3:30 pm

    I heard last night that one of America’s oldest monuments has been threatened. I don’t know which one.


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