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Another sloppy phishing attempt

In business, the ultimate accolade is to be head-hunted. On-line, the ultimate accolade is to be spear-phished.

But this is an insult! They could at least make it believable. It’s not the grammar – anyone can make those mistakes. “We are having congestions…” OK, take some cough mixture.

“Due to the congestion in all hotmail users…” Damn, this cough is contagious!

Nor is it the lack of logic.  “Hotmail would be shutting down all unused accounts…” Not much point in writing to me if it’s unused, because I won’t read it.

Nor even is it the sloppiness. “We apologize for any inconvenien”

No. The thing that gives this away as a very poor phishing attempt is the obvious outright lie. “This Email is from Hotmail Customer Care.” Every hotmail user in the world knows there’s no such thing!

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