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BLOGS: Downfall of the Downfall parodies

I have never seen the Downfall movie – but I have seen dozens of the Hitler parodies. I probably don’t need to say any more; you’ll have seen them yourself: they’re almost part of the fabric of the internet itself. Some of them are very, very funny; and they do no-one any harm unless you be the butt of a particular parody’s satire.

But not anymore. Constantin Films, the German production company that owns the rights to the 2004 film Der Untergang (Downfall), has issued a series of takedown demands, invoking its copyright. What idiots! I had a warm fuzzy feeling towards this film maker because of the parodies. Now I just think it’s a stupid, narrow-minded, short-sighted twit – and I have no further interest in it or any of its films.

The story is told by The Open Video Alliance:

Downfall parodies are a well-established part of online culture and follow a familiar format: phony subtitles are presented along with Hitler’s final soliloquy in his besieged bunker (you might  need to watch for yourself) [don’t bother – boycott the twits on principle]. The Downfall format has been used to mock everything from social networking sites, to politicians, to the iPad, to self-important hipsters. The list goes on, but as of this week Downfall  videos are disappearing fast. Both “Hitler Gets Banned from XBox Live,”—which had over 4 million views before it was taken down—and the meta-parody “Hitler Wants to Make a Meme,” are currently unavailable due to Constantin’s copyright claim.
The Open Video Alliance

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