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BLOGS: Do no evil – Apple can do enough for everyone

How can such beautiful machines come from such an awful company? I love Apple product, but I hate the Apple company; and I’m sure that Jobs laughs all the way to the bank. What’s it/he done this time? Read the EFF account dissecting the illegal raid and seizure of Gizmodo editor Jason Chen’s computers by REACT after he published a scoop on Apple’s next iPhone.

A partnership of 17 local, state, and federal agencies, with the Santa Clara County District Attorney’s Office designated as the lead agency. The REACT Task Force is one of five in the State of California and authorized under California Penal Code 13848.

All Agents of the React Task Force are either California Peace Officers and/or U.S. Federal Agents
Rapid Enforcement Allied Computer Team

The action of the REACT was illegal under California and Federal Law. It also

…likely violates the Privacy Protection Act (or PPA, 42 USC § 2000aa  et al.). Congress passed the PPA to ensure special protection for journalists by prohibiting government search and seizure of both “documentary material” (explicitly including photos and video) and “work product material,” material which is or has been used “in anticipation of communicating such materials to the public.

And EFF’s conclusion?

Putting the presumed interests of an important local company before the rights guaranteed by law is an obvious occupational hazard for a police force charged with paying particular attention to the interests of high-tech businesses. Now that First Amendment lawyers, reporters, and others have highlighted the potential legal improprieties of this search, the task force should freeze their investigation, return Chen’s property, and reconsider whether going after journalists for trying to break news about one of the Valley’s most secretive (and profitable) companies is a good expenditure of taxpayer dollars.
Matt Zimmerman

I have one thing more to add. Apple’s shareholders, and if they won’t do it, Apple’s customers should stand up and tell Jobs,”Stop being such an arse.”

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