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NEWS: Arbor Networks Introduces Peakflow X Virtual

Arbor Networks has released a virtualized version of its appliance-based enterprise network security and monitoring product running on VMware’s ESX and ESXi hypervisors.

Designed for cloud hosting companies, Peakflow X provides the network visibility that is needed to monitor external security threats, internal network usage, and more than 100 bandwidth-sapping applications that can jeopardize network performance. It leverages IP flow technology in existing network devices. It analyzes flow statistics to define normal network behavior. Then, in real-time, its embedded Network Behavioral Analysis (NBA) technology identifies abnormal activity that can indicate a developing security attack before its signature is created. Since Peakflow X detects network anomalies and threats using NBA technology, it is complementary to signature-based security products such as IDS/IPS, anti-virus and firewalls.

Peakflow X Virtual helps providers meet their customers’ needs by providing the visibility and control over their infrastructure that they require as part of a complete managed security services offering. These new services can be delivered with the cost saving benefits of virtualization, resulting from reductions in rack space, power consumption and easier service deployment and maintenance. We are very excited about this release and think hosting and network service providers will be too.
Rob Malan, Arbor Networks co-founder and chief technology officer

Peakflow X

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