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NEWS: Mozy brings its low-cost secure online backup to the UK and Ireland

Possibly the worst fear involved in a computer crash (or theft) is not that you can’t access your data, but that you may never access it again. For businesses, it is their livelihood (contacts, sales, accounts all gone); for home users it could be their life (photos, memories, emails, music all gone). Large companies are alright – they have IT departments whose function is to make sure this never happens. But many small companies and the majority of home users simply don’t have adequate data back-up to ensure that this fear will never be realised. The reason is basically two-fold: cost and complexity.

Now Mozy, part of the EMC Corporation, has brought its low-cost online backup for SMBs and users to the UK and Ireland. I forgot to add ‘secure’: the system uses either AES or Blowfish encryption plus 128-bit SSL to move data from your computer to one of its data centres for safe storage (incidentally, a European data centre to ensure that business users stay within European Data Protection laws).

The cost, according to Mozy’s announcement, starts at £4.99 per month, per computer. But unless my arithmetic is crocked (not unknown, I’m afraid), this is wrong: it could be seen as £5.49 per month. This nit-picking is because if you look closely, home computer users can trial the system free for up to 2 GB of storage. Otherwise the cost is £3.99 + 50p for each GB. So, if you need less that 2 GB back-up, then it costs nothing: you need only pay if you need more, which will then start at £3.99 + at least £1.50.

The reason for this little dissection is not to say, Oh look, Mozy got it wrong, but to highlight an incredible offer: home computer users can get 2 GB of free data backup from Mozy. There are other services that give you similar on-line free storage: Dropbox or Google Docs, for example. But Mozy’s free 2 GB comes complete with the Mozy software to automate the process.

So for SMBs who don’t already have adequate backup facilities I would say you can afford to look at Mozy. For home computer users I would say you cannot afford not to look at Mozy’s free 2 GB storage offer.

Mozy UK
Free UK 2 GB
Mozy Ireland
Free Ireland 2 GB

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  1. May 1, 2010 at 11:06 pm

    You can get 2gb free by going here:

    [This is Mozy .com rather than .co.uk or .ie – KT]


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