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What goes up doesn’t always come down – at least not on the internet

Some things are just unbelievable. When I first saw this I thought it was an April 1st joke. I wish it was.

Journalists of the World your help is needed!

That’s the headline. It was in my RSS feeds, and it certainly caught my attention. So I clicked the link to get to the source.

Sorry, this release is now out of date or may have been removed

It is unlikely to have timed out – so it was probably removed (people never seem to learn that it is very difficult to remove anything from the internet – social networkers beware!). But no matter – I’d still got a copy safely stored in my RSS feed.

I think everyone would agree that the Sea of Information on the Internet now needs cleaning up, especially when you factor in GPS users. With GPS we have all been given a “second chance” and let us face facts, you don’t have to be Chief Brody to know what happened in JAWS 2!

My interest began to wane. Very poor piece of writing. You might just get away with describing the Internet as a sea of information, but a separate sea on a bunch of wires is a bit difficult. How do you clean a sea? And who is Chief Brody, and what did happen in JAWS 2? I’m guessing it’s a film and that lots of people have seen it – but I haven’t. Very poor piece of writing. But I read on.

If you are planning on directing people of any age to a specific address then better guidelines are now being put in place by GPSLocals to ensure user safety.

OK, that sounds good.

There is a far greater responsibility here when YOU start to think in which direction you might be sending OUR children via GPS ? So read on……

Ah. One thing I really do not like is emotional blackmail to get my attention. WTF do you think you are doing trying to make ME feel guilty about YOUR children?

The idea of GPSLocals is to re-list everything on the planet that has a physical address…

…If you have a Single Store, a Restaurant, Hotel, Bank, Building Society, or a whole chain of outlets, you can pledge your support for these safety restrictions and register on the GPS database.

… We are starting afresh…… Just like a new “WORLD Yellow Pages” but only costing 10 Euros per unique postal reference.

Well, now we get there. GPSLocals is hoping that journalists will add credence and gravitas to the commercial enterprise of charging people to be included in a new global database of places.

Dream on. But at least someone in GPSLocals realised the absurdity of this press release and pulled it. Or maybe I am caught up in a time warp, and this really is an April 1st release.

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  1. June 1, 2010 at 6:59 pm

    Hi Kevin, thought you and your fans may enjoy this link;


    Ever wished you could report on the news before it happened?
    Ever wished you could have known about the news and stopped it before it happened?
    Well now you can.

    Do we have to spell the future out?

    Paedophile lists on the internet; FREE “Ice Cream and Puppies” in Park to attract kids via GPS.
    Woman raped on closed Garage forecourt after running out of petrol late at night, because the internet listing was out of date.
    Hackers send drivers over cliff by adding wrong GPS references to Internet listed details.
    “28 people knocked my door on a Friday night looking for swinging club” after jealous ex-girl friend listed ex-boys friend house on Internet maps.
    Bird Watchers directed to nudist beach when searching for “Blue Tits” as Internet is full of porn.
    Dash Board Porn Pop-ups, causes fatal motorway pile up.
    Paid for adverts direct drivers 130 miles in the wrong direction- Thanks !

    The answer; Validate, check, confirm a new set of listings for GPS reference.

    or am I wrong again?



  2. May 5, 2010 at 1:05 am

    One last thing – As you don’t seem to recognise the potential issues and dangers or think it is something to just criticise please let us know, what operating system do you use in Cornwall that doesn’t have spam or pop-ups, which search engine do you use that hasn’t got porn and out of date search results and last bit of advice for us all which anti virus do you use that costs less then 10 Euros – we really want to know because this would be great on the GPS system and solve a lot of problems?


  3. May 5, 2010 at 12:48 am

    Thank you for your comments Kevin, let us hope all the other journalists read them and decide the same as you and not produce a story, let us also hope that in the future you do not have to read how a child followed his new Smartphone GPS system and ended up in the arms of a paedophile, because that doesn’t happen on the Internet either.

    You are right, the World is lovely place and hackers don’t really want to send people in the wrong direction, paedophiles and rapists wouldn’t dare contact their victims using a computer. Businesses that go bankrupt or close will remove their listings off the net so you don’t get directions to somewhere that is closed and why not just use the current Internet listings and broadcast them over the GPS, none of us have any problems with, spam and pop-ups and you might enjoy a bit of “dash board porn” when next Searching your GPS device.

    You are right again, let us forget cleaning up the internet and starting a new safe database.

    Seems a complete waste of time now you mention it, and the 10 Euro fee? You have just saved me a small fortune, as it would have cost £23.42 to validate each entry anyway, so you have also saved me £280,000,000 Thanks Kevin first class journalistic advice – Sod the KIDS.

    Kind regards

    GPS Locals
    (Global Solution Centre)
    1301 Stratford Road
    B28 9HH
    United Kingdom

    Tel; + 44 (0) 121 7021483
    Fax; + 44 (0) 1217021405


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