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Why I am leaving Facebook

I’ve never been happy with Facebook. Mark Zuckerberg’s attitude towards the personal privacy of FB users disturbs me. In fact, Mark Zuckerberg disturbs me. His arrogance is beyond belief.

I wrote a short piece a couple of months back about my attitude towards privacy; more specifically, my privacy. The essence of that post is this:

What I am is defined by what I do. I am the sum total of what I do. I create me in the exercise of my free will. Therefore, I have intellectual copyright over me, since I created me (leaving all religious arguments aside).

The me that I own can be described by what I do: where I go, what I believe, who I speak to, my thoughts, my wishes, my dislikes, my preferences, my very and every action in life. That is the meta data, my personal information, that defines me: and I own it.

Use of that information, which can be described as my privacy, without my prior agreement contravenes natural law. And I say categorically, here and publicly, that I do not grant anyone the right to take that information and give it to a third-party without my say-so.
I am what I am, and that’s all that I am

Zuckerberg won’t accept this. He says that if I want to play in his garden, then my meta data becomes his to do with as he wishes. This will inevitably be to sell that data to other companies so that both he and they can make money off me. I have no say in this; but nor do I accept it. Therefore I have to leave his garden.

That is why I am leaving Facebook. If anyone were to ask my advice, I would have to suggest they do the same for reasons of privacy, civil liberties, and security; and a simple rejection of arrogance.

If anyone wishes to connect with me on LinkedIn instead, I can be found at http://uk.linkedin.com/in/kevtownsend.


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