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NEWS: Security Experts Cite Need for Major Policy Changes to Protect Global Security in Report to NATO and the European Union

The Security & Defence Agenda (SDA) and IBM have announced the findings of the first ever Security Jam, a global on-line brainstorming session on the challenges facing global security. The key findings are

  • Create a civilian unit within NATO to handle the non-military aspects of operations, including planning and coordinating activities involving civilian experts, such as police, judges, and others.
  • Recommend a set of security goals to the United Nations (UN), comparable to the UN Millennium Development Goals, to protect human security.
  • Considering the growing interdependence of nations, expand NATO and EU regional security through mutual assistance agreements with neighboring states that will build mutual trust.
  • Establish a European Intelligence Agency to serve as an information broker to monitor and provide early warning on complex and hybrid security threats, including environmental change and cyber attacks.
  • Expand the EU’s public diplomacy and use of new media to enable greater collaboration, interaction, and dialogue with a global security community, including security experts, business leaders and academics, on important issues and policy initiatives.
  • Establish a European Security Academy that will train EU civilian and military staffs and other international parties to work together and help improve collaboration in the field.
  • Form a combined EU-NATO advisory group made up of senior military and political authorities to evaluate current approaches to capability planning and promote cross-border collaboration.
  • Develop an inventory of scarce natural resources within the EU, with a mandate to protect them for future generations.
  • Publish a joint EU-NATO quarterly journal through which senior officials from both organizations can highlight new collaborative efforts between the two bodies.
  • Establish a UN-managed International Crisis Preparedness Fund that would set aside five per cent of all donations to crises for future disaster preparedness.

Finding viable solutions to today’s security challenges requires new thinking and collaboration on a global scale. The Security Jam provided a forum for open debate and generated ideas that will provide both NATO and the EU significant food for thought at a moment when both institutions are looking for ways to tackle global security challenges within more cooperative frameworks.
Giles Merritt, SDA Director

The full report on the Security Jam recommendations

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