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NEWS: Central Government Services fall short

Amid concern that the last government’s Newspeak hid the true depth of Britain’s Debt Mountain comes proof that it failed to con the public over its brave new technology world. Lagan Technologies has released the result of a poll examining the public’s view of a range of different public-facing services; and central government comes eleventh out of eleven.

The top three are banks, high street retailers and online retailers; while the bottom three are insurance companies, technical support services and central government services. Local government gets a far more creditable fifth.

The poll also found that more government investment in technology that directly improves access to services would be popular with the electorate.  A clear majority (77%) of the UK population approve of government investment in IT to improve access to services, with approval marginally higher amongst the 55+ age group.  At the same time, 42% of respondents expressed concern about the cost of Government IT projects.  Only 4% felt negative about their personal use of new communications methods.

One in ten believe that central government services have become more efficient in the last 5 years.  Three in ten (29%) believe that central government services have become less efficient.

Our polling points to clear opportunity for the new government.  It demonstrates that there is a clear public appetite for the use of technology to improve access to local and national government services.  Governments worldwide use technology to improve access and efficiency and reduce cost. Our experience of working with 200 local governments tells us that much can be achieved in a relatively short time for minimal investment. Systems that interface with social networks, mobile phones, PCs and the domestic phone can enable citizens to access responsive government services wherever they are.
Des Speed, CEO, Lagan Technologies

Given the debt mountain and Labour’s failure to connect with the people, one is forced to wonder what will now happen with Brown’s much vaunted Mygov project. My view at the time was:

This is how Brown’s open government will evolve, into something that appears to be open but effectively, and efficiently, hides what we aren’t meant to see. At the same time it provides the means to make the National ID Register necessary for all of us to accept. Ultimately, it just concentrates more power into the hands of government and those who control government. If you don’t do what you’re told, we’ll cut off the pipe!
The electricity of the future? Brown says so!

Lagan Technologies

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