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NEWS: Media use and attitudes among children and adults across the UK

Ofcom has released details of its latest study into media attitudes in the UK. Put simply, those in Northern Ireland are either the most cautious (or paranoid) when it comes to using the internet, while those in Scotland are the most casual (or naive). Overall, however, it is quite clear that concern over online privacy is growing throughout the UK.

Most UK internet users are becoming more knowledgeable about security issues and less willing to provide personal information online than in 2007.

Adults with a social networking profile are more likely to only allow friends or family to see it, currently at 80 per cent compared with 48 per cent in 2007.

In general, however, there is little either surprising or contentious in the results. More people trust TV and radio than they do the internet for general content; but conversely, more people trust internet news sites than TV news broadcasts. Radio news remains the most trusted.

More people are using internet banking than last year, more people are shopping on-line, and more people are researching things like health issues online.

The inescapable conclusion is that society’s move from the physical world to cyberworld is gathering pace. What this means for our longstanding physical world institutions (such as our bricks and mortar high street shops, our health service, the music industry and what Guido Fawkes calls ‘the dead tree press’) is no longer guesswork. They will fight to survive, leading to absurd laws like the Digital Economy Act designed to prop up Murdoch and the music industry, but in the long run they will lose. The world is changing and they need to change with it; or die.

The UK Adults’ Media Literacy report

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