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NEWS: The FAST way to get Protection

I can’t help thinking that FAST is on to a good thing. It’s like the doctor who breaks your leg and then charges you to fix it. Now that’s a business model!

There’s this organization called FAST. If you look on its website, it’s just called FAST, no mention of any acronym, but with the tag line: “A Leading UK Authority in Software Asset Management & IT Compliance”.  It’s all about selling you product to help you manage your software inventory. But as they say, “We are the only organisation to have been awarded the FAST IiS mandate”. And FAST IiS is the Federation Against Software Theft and Investors in Software.

FAST IiS actively looks for software pirates. The website asks you to report any misuse:

We welcome any assistance to help us combat software theft. If you have any information regarding the abuse or illegal sale of software, then please contact us by telephone, e-mail or by completing the complaint form provided below.

You can be assured that your personal details will be treated in the strictest of confidence.

FAST, however, has just announced:

FAST Assurance is a free value-add service [but only free to qualifying Gold and Platinum level FAST Ltd customers of the FAST Compliance Programme] which offers up to 15 days assistance to help qualifying organisations through the software audit & verification process. It ensures that a member of FAST Ltd’s specialist team is available to support customers from the moment they receive legal notification from a software vendor/enforcement agency, to the overall resolution.

So I can’t get rid of this image of FAST IiS waiting round the corner with a baseball bat ready to knee-cap you, while mafia-robed FAST people offer you protection for a fee, or a comfy ride in an ambulance if it’s too late.


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