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NEWS: RSA’s Man in the Browser Solutions

Man in the Browser (MitB) attacks are particularly nasty little things. They infect your browser, and then just sit there, silently, hidden, biding their time until…

You need to make that big cash transfer from one bank account to another. So you go to your bank’s site and log in to your account. You enter the details of the transfer and the destination account and submit. All’s well. The only problem is that the destination account you entered in your browser is not the destination account received by the bank. The nature of the transaction has woken your man in the browser. Silently and swiftly your money has been switched to the criminal’s account; and neither you nor the bank can see anything wrong.

To fight this threat RSA has now launched its Man-in-the-Browser Solutions, a portfolio of anti-fraud services designed to give businesses and their customers defense against one of the most sophisticated means of theft of online information, identities and financial assets. With these additional layers of defense from RSA, organizations can better fight against the sharp rise in MitB attacks.

Online criminals are continually evolving their tools and tactics to work around defenses established by even the most security-conscious organizations. In particular, Man-in-the-Browser attacks have presented a significant online threat that defies geographic boundaries and discriminates against no one person or entity. Organizations need to approach this problem with a multi-layered defense strategy reinforcing security measures at login that in isolation can be thwarted. This includes the ability to detect, monitor, shut down and cull intelligence based on transactions, malware and online attacks.
Christopher Young, Senior VP of Products, Technologies and Markets; RSA

RSA Man-in-the-Browser Solutions

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