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NEWS: Security is the key to unlocking the cloud’s potential

The two great movements in contemporary computing are virtualisation and cloud computing. Although they can often go hand in hand, the former is more readily accepted than the latter; and fear over cloud security is the most common given cause.

When you virtualise, you can still have the boxes in your own data center. You can see and control the security. But when you venture into the cloud, it’s a leap of faith. The security of your data is perceived to be out of your hands. You are forced to put your trust in someone else.

The danger is that this fear can delay or even prevent your move into cloud computing; and that delay could benefit your competitors and lose you any advantage you may currently have. Security is an issue in the cloud – but it should not be seen as a deal breaker. Basically, there is a lack of understanding about both the opportunities available in the cloud, and the security issues concerned. For this reason, Fortify Software is publishing two separate whitepapers to help business better understand the threats and solutions on security, and the commercial opportunities available, in cloud computing.

The shared nature of the cloud dramatically amplifies the need for software security. Through an aggressive education campaign and our new product capabilities, we hope to make it easy for cloud providers and cloud consumers to understand and deploy secure software that can be trusted in any environment and unlock the full benefits of the cloud.
Brian Chess, Ph.D., Founder and Chief Scientist, Fortify Software

Yesterday, I took the opportunity to chat with Brian Chess about Fortify’s approach to security in the cloud, and will be posting an account of that conversation shortly.

Capturing the New Frontier: How Software Security Unlocks the Power in Cloud Computing
Software Security in the Cloud: A Technical Perspective (available from the Fortify Security Research Group in mid-June)

Fortify Software

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