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NEWS: Take back your Facebook Privacy with SaveFace

This is good. A quick rider: I haven’t been able to test it, because as you know I dumped Facebook a couple of weeks ago. But, by golly, it looks good.

It’s a free bookmark utility that resets your FB privacy settings automatically to Friends Only for all of the following:

  • Contact Information
  • Search Settings
  • Friends, Tags and Connections
  • Personal Information and Posts

Developed by Untangle, if it does what it says it does, it does good.

We encourage you to use SaveFace to fix your Facebook settings. Then, tell you friends. Because if they leave their default settings as is, information about you, that they have published, is still public. That embarrassing photo they took on that “Hangover“-esque weekend in Las Vegas, then posted and tagged in their Facebook Photo Album, with your name on – it’s still public. Get them to run SaveFace too – for your sake. Email them this URL: http://www3.untangle.com/saveface.
Untangle Blog

Go to the Untangle page and just drag “SaveFace by Untangle” to your Browser’s bookmark toolbar. I’ve tried this on Safari and Firefox – but I won’t have IE on my computer!

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