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Use MyLife to spy on those you love

Trying to find out who is looking for you on the internet is perfectly legitimate. It could be an old friend, a long-lost relative, or a potential client who heard your name but doesn’t know where you are. This is what MyLife does. On its home page it has a photo with the claim “My high school friend and I were reunited after 17 years apart! Thank you MyLife!”

That’s nice – and a good advert.

But the latest sales drive by the company is not so nice,

By using the company’s free reverse people search, husbands, wives and significant others can delve into who’s looking up their spouse, boyfriend or girlfriend – and find out exactly who is lurking in the background of their partner’s life.

“Finding people using reverse search has been a popular way to reconnect with old friends, but some of those ‘old friends’ may be much more. By using MyLife, spouses can spy on those who may be spying on their own partners,” says Jeff Tinsley, CEO and Founder of MyLife.

What sort of nasty little insecure sneaking society are we developing? Have we stooped so low as to spy on those we love? Where has trust gone? Frankly, MyLife, if that’s your business model, you can stay out of my life.

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