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NEWS: ESET buys anti-spam company COMDOM Software

ESET is not a name well-known to the layman. It doesn’t leap out when the average user thinks of anti-virus, in the way that ‘McAfee’ and ‘Symantec’ is a common response. It may be that ESET simply doesn’t advertise itself as effectively (and possibly as expensively) as its rivals. Or it may be that ESET thinks ‘what is best for our product?’ where others might think ‘what is best for our image?’.

So, while Symantec hits the acquisition trail and buys Verisign in the good old US of A (or at least parts of Verisign, even though Verisign itself continues, and both companies get to use the name ‘Verisign’), ESET goes and buys Kosice-based COMDOM Software. While the markets struggle to see, and argue about, the benefits of Verisign to Symantec, there is little confusion over how an innovative anti-spam company will benefit ESET.

ESET is a research and development-oriented company that will benefit from this merger by tapping into the potential of Comdom’s advanced antispam solutions. Building on the team of skilled programmers and researchers, we envision introducing new capabilities, along with injecting new potential into the development of security software.
Miroslav Trnka, CEO, ESET


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