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BLOGS: Facebook’s New Privacy Improvements Are a Positive Step…

This is the blog I’ve been waiting for: EFF’s first thoughts on the Facebook privacy changes.

The changes are pretty good, though more is needed.

All of the new settings are positive steps toward giving Facebook users more control over the privacy of their data, directly responding to several of EFF’s criticisms and reversing some of the worst of Facebook’s privacy missteps. However, we still have some fundamental concerns about the amount of user information being shared with third-party Facebook applications and web sites. So we hope that this is only Facebook’s first step in a more privacy-conscious direction, rather than its last.

Facebook announces three major changes:

  • a new basic privacy settings page
  • restoring true privacy controls for “Connections”information
  • restoring users’ ability to opt out of sharing personal information with Facebook apps and connected web sites

In Conclusion…
We appreciate that Facebook has taken the time to listen and respond to the public outcry over its latest privacy changes, and although today’s changes don’t address all of our concerns, they are a great first step in what will hopefully be a more privacy-driven direction for Facebook. We look forward to a continuing dialogue with Facebook on how to improve privacy on the site. In the meantime, stay tuned for more information from EFF on how to use these new options to maximize your privacy when you choose to share information with your friends and family on Facebook.
Kevin Bankston

So I guess I’ll still wait a bit longer before I restore my Facebook account.

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