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NEWS: Remote Ethernet Device Simplifies Branch Office Security

Astaro’s RED is now available. Designed to reduce the cost of security in branch offices, RED connects via VPN to a central Astaro Security Gateway device. The effect can can cut the cost of securing and administering a branch office’s security by up to 80% by eliminating the need for IT staff and additional security products at the remote office.

Astaro RED eliminates the need for having a technical person in all offices. You just ship a device to the site, and it works. It saved me at least two hours per branch office, where I would normally have to pre-configure a device and ship it, and then work with someone onsite to get it online. This is a totally unique approach to branch office connectivity.
Paul Smith, Senior Network Engineer, Metafore Technologies Inc (beta tester)

We developed Astaro RED as we saw an urgent demand on the market for a solution to secure branch offices that is really easy and reasonably priced. So far, organizations could use low-cost Firewalls or VPN Gateways or even small UTM appliances, but then had to cope with high acquisition costs, high installation and maintenance effort or lacking security features. Astaro RED ends these dangerous and resource devouring compromises.
Gert Hansen, VP Product Management, Astaro

Astaro RED

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