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BLOGS: A formal end to ID Cards

BigBrotherWatch has a short and simple post:

A good day. The ID card scheme’s demise is one in the eye for the authoritarian busybodies. Nobody wanted them and they were an intrusive waste of money.

Now, along with our friends at No2ID and the like, we must ensure that the bureaucrats don’t continue with the construction of a database state bit by bit – because ID cards were just the most visible part of a whole scheme of nosiness, much of which is still with us.
A formal end to ID Cards

I would reiterate the warning. The battle is won, but not the war. It really depends on who was behind the scheme. Was it the politicians? They can be more easily defeated because we can get rid of them. Or was it law enforcement including MI5 and CESG? They’re the zealots, the fanatics who can manipulate things behind the scenes – for our own good, because by controlling everyone, they can protect everyone.

Law enforcement is never beaten. If it loses a battle, it goes away, regroups and returns from a different direction.

A formal end to ID Cards

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