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BLOGS: Online Pentest Training

Darknet has an extensive introduction to a new pentest training course and certification from eLearnSecurity.

Anyway the point is, there’s a new kid on the block – recently launched from eLearnSecurity called Penetration Testing – Pro (PTP) with the tagline “What CEH Should Have Been”…

The course itself is basically a Penetration Testing Course and covers 3 main areas; System Security, Network Security & Web Application Security. This pretty much covers what you need to know to conduct a penetration test as each of the 3 topics are quite broad. The course-ware itself is well presented and it doesn’t limit the order in which you can learn the topics, there’s no linear progressions so you can pick and choose depending on your mood.

Overall, the course is highly recommended, both in terms of cost ($599) and content.

It goes into a lot more depth than courses like CEH and can really benefit your skills. I wish there was something like this in 1999 when I was starting out. The way in which the material is presented is a lot more interactive and interesting than many other courses out there with a good mix of words, images and videos plus a good theory/practical mix too. This makes it a lot easier as many of the topics within infosec can get very dry very fast.

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