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I have a little spat going with a company seeking to develop…

I have a little spat going with a company seeking to develop a new global verified geographic listing for use by GPS. I think the aim is laudable but the result is doubtful. But what I object to is the emotional blackmail used to gather the information and promote the purpose (“Paedophile lists on the internet; FREE “Ice Cream and Puppies” in Park to attract kids via GPS. Woman raped on closed Garage forecourt after running out of petrol late at night, because the internet listing was out of date. Hackers send drivers over cliff by adding wrong GPS references to Internet listed details”).

I don’t know if these are genuine; no source is quoted. The only example given a source is the ridiculous story of the woman who walked into a motorway, got hit by a car and is now suing Google. If you’re interested you can see the ‘spat’ here: What goes up doesn’t always come down – at least not on the internet.

But that’s not the main purpose of this post.

I remember the time when there was no Internet. We found our own way round. We used maps to get from A to B, and we cursed when we found the map was old and was sending us up a one-way street. We didn’t sue A-to-Z or the Ordnance Survey. We got on with it. We didn’t walk into motorways with our eyes shut. We didn’t send our kids off to buy an ice-cream on their own.

We took the odd risk but we took more care. And we certainly didn’t blame other people when we didn’t take enough care.

So, please. Can’t we start taking a little more personal responsibility like we used to? Frankly, I enjoyed life more in those days.

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