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NEWS: One problem with secure email solved

The difficulty with secure email is not encrypting it – that bit is easy, or at least the many available encryption packages make it easy – the difficulty is in ensuring that your recipient can decrypt and read the message. At the very least, the recipient needs to have the same encryption package as you – and that ain’t necessarily so. So Data Encryption Systems’ development of a DESlock+ reader is a useful advance. And it’s free.

The need to transport and communicate data securely remains high on the agenda and is a regulatory must. We understand however that not everyone has access to a recognised encryption solution, such as DESlock+ and so we have developed DESlock+ Reader in order that our customer’s data isn’t compromised when they are working and sharing that data with non-DESlock+ users. Developing DESlock+ Reader is addressing an area where we understand our customers have security concerns. The critical and key benefits of DESlock+ remain and users know that their company’s information is protected but they are now accessible to a trusted recipient in possession of an agreed password. We are confident this will help many businesses who need to share data but also need the encryption guarantee.
David Tomlinson, MD, DES

DESlock+ Reader for download

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