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Naughty, naughty. Don’t do it again

Remember this:

What is the point of having a policy if it is ignored? Until people are forced to be responsible for their own actions and the actions of their staff, government will continue to treat our data with disdain and will continue to lose our personal data. Responsibility should not be something that can be ignored, whether you’re the Prime Minister or a council clerk.
Data Loss: so long as they get away with it, they’ll keep on doing it

I wrote that when Barnet Council lost personal information about kids in their schools. I shouldn’t have worried. The ICO, the Information Commissioner’s Obfuscation service, has roared in with a big stick: “Nick Carter, Chief Executive of West Berkshire Council, has now signed a formal Undertaking to ensure that portable and mobile devices used to store and transmit personal data are encrypted. Staff will also be made fully aware of the council’s policy for the storage of personal data and receive appropriate training on data protection and IT security issues.”

It is essential that organisations ensure the correct safeguards are in place when storing and transferring personal information, especially when it concerns sensitive information relating to children. A lack of awareness and training in data protection requirements can lead to personal information falling into the wrong hands. I am aware that staff have been provided with encrypted USB sticks since 2006 but older devices were not recalled. I am pleased that the council has now taken action to prevent against further data breaches.
Sally-anne Poole, Enforcement Group Manager at the ICO

Well that’s alright then. They won’t be so sloppy with our personal data ever again. Because if they do, they’ll get a real telling off.

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