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An open letter to Prime Minister David Cameron

Dear Mr Cameron

I am writing today because I am more than a little puzzled. You campaigned before the election on a number of things; but four points in particular resonated with me:

  • openness: sunlight is the best detergent
  • democracy: reducing the power of the state in favour of the people
  • rolling back the database state
  • repealing unnecessary or intrusive laws

These are the primary reason I, and I suspect a sizable portion of your supporters, voted Conservative.

What puzzles me is the speed in which you have, and the depth to which you have, reneged on these promises.

  • GM crops
    Caroline Spelman, who appears to have a vested interest and cannot by any means be considered unbiased, has spoken in favour of GM crops and is likely to allow them to be grown in the UK. Where is the democratic discussion on this? Where is the openness? Where is the sunlight?
  • Digital Economy Act
    This was forced through in wash-up. The people are against it. It is a law by big business for big business. The Deputy Prime Minister stated clearly before the election that he would see it repealed. Why is it not to be repealed?
  • Summary Care Records
    This is one of the most intrusive of all the new databases, and most open to abuse. You promised to roll back the database state, and you specifically talked about Labour’s centralised approach to health information. But you are keeping this one. Why?

Mr Cameron: did you lie to us? Did you promise to be different without the intent to be so?

Yours sincerely

Kevin Townsend

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