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NEWS: FalconStor CDP for Backup – cost-effective backup and DR for SMBs

I remember the first computer I worked with. It was a PDP 11/34, classed in those days as a mini computer and all the company could afford. At the end of each working day I’d go down to the computer room (not much more than a large broom cupboard with a portable air-conditioner to keep it cool), copy the hard disk onto another hard disk, and shut down the computer. I’d then take the copy and lock it in a cupboard in the same room, taking the existing copy (yesterday’s copy) out of the cupboard, carrying it up the MD’s office and swapping it for the one up there (the day before yesterday’s copy). I’d then take the one from the MD’s office back down to the computer room ready for tomorrow’s process. It took a little over an hour, all told. Every day.

I felt so pleased with myself, and so safe. Huh! What if the building had burnt down? All copies lost in not much more time than it took to create them.

That’s the irony. It’s the SMBs that really can’t afford to pay for real backup that most need it; and probably aren’t adequately insured either. Losing all the data on the PDP 11/34 would have been catastrophic for the company. Of course, backup software has since developed, and software would these days just back-up the changed data rather than the whole disk; so it would only have taken me 30 minutes each day – every day. But the other problems remain, and they would still remain a problem for the smaller company today.

But now there is a cost-effective solution. FalconStor Software has announced its FalconStor CDP for Backup for SMBs. It combines local and remote protection into a unified, disk-based solution that enables the recovery of data – and business operations – back to the most recent transaction. This is achieved by a process of continuous and simultaneous backup of all servers and applications. And since there is automatically a remote copy, it works as a disaster recovery system as well. Had my company offices burnt down, we would have lost the computer, but crucially not the data.

The reality is that traditional backup software is an outmoded concept that only performs a single task – and not very well. Traditional backup techniques involve too many points of failure, too much opportunity for data loss and, in the SMB environment in particular, too much scope for human error. FalconStor CDP for Backup addresses the backup requirements of SMBs, especially those with remote or branch offices, more effectively and – crucially – more simply than any other solution. Through the unique combination of capabilities, flexibility, simplicity and effectiveness, we aim to overcome the natural hesitation that often stops companies from commissioning a robust, modern, fit-for-purpose backup solution.
Guillaume Imberti, vice president and general manager, EMEA operations, FalconStor


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