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Will Nigel Hawthorn have to eat his shirt? Will John Leyden have to eat his words? Will the football hit more nets than expected?

On the eve of the competition that will bring the FIFA World Cup back home to England, the discussion of its potential effect on company bandwidth continues. On 4 June I posted ‘FIFA World Cup: the world’s biggest ever DoS?‘  and quoted Blue Coat’s Nigel Hawthorn saying “Networks will fail because of World Cup streaming. If it doesn’t happen, I’ll eat my replica shirt.”

Today the conversation continues on Twitter between Nigel and John Leyden of The Register.

Lisbon: “The World Cup – Someone’s network is going to die” – breakfast presentation, starts 8:20, room 6, hot breakfast too.

Even though the game’s are in evening?

NHS network on Saturday night perhaps, also half of matches in first round start 12:30 or 3:00pm local time – & Latin America?

Network meltdown was predicted before last two WCs and Olympics. Never heard of any problems during or after though.

I don’t predict ISP meltdown, but enterprise nets – the world has changed, most users expect streaming works – see iPlayer growth

It was enterprise meltdown that was predicted before and didn’t happen. Most people will prefer to watch the game on TV.

OK – I guess we will find out soon – I sent an email to you via ElReg – customer this morning has 10Mbps and 100users & worried!

If you were to say iPhone streaming of football from Sky etc. would put a drain on mobile networks I’d happily believe it.

Meanwhile, back at the PR Ranch, Ipswitch has released a survey suggesting that use of European bandwidth will double during cup fever:

  • Bandwidth use is expected to increase by 38.85% in participating World Cup Nations to 86.89% during matches
  • In Europe the figure is expected to double, from 40.25% current average bandwidth use, to 78.67% during key match times
  • In the UK, despite the culture for some businesses to close during England matches, bandwidth use is still expected to increase by 30.79% to 71.85% of total capacity.
  • In host nation South Africa, IT Managers are bracing themselves for network bandwidth to be completely maxed out to 100% from a base average of 58% during a typical working day.
  • Despite not being typically thought of as a football watching nation, the US is somewhat surprisingly expecting bandwidth use to rise to over 80% during some key matches

There is a real growing feeling that this year’s FIFA World Cup in South Africa could be the most exciting yet, however the impact on businesses could be huge, as shown by the results of our survey. Your business depends on your network for successful operation. Users making use of video streaming services can put a considerable strain on companies’ networks, resulting in bandwidth chokes and even outages, in addition to exposing them to security threats.
Ennio Carboni, president, Ipswitch, Inc.’s Network Management Division

Well, it’s almost here. Will Nigel Hawthorn have to eat his shirt? Have the online betting shops opened a market yet?

Blue Coat
The Register

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