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NEWS: PCI compliance for Call Centres

PCI is very clear about the need for security in handling credit card data. But according to a recent survey by Veritape, as many as 93% of UK Call Centres are in breach of these regulations because of the cost and complexity of compliance.

Veritape believes it has the answer: CallGuard, a small device that can plug into the call recording platforms of both itself and its competitors and effectively ensure PCI compliance.

Businesses have been searching for a solution to the problem of protecting customer data given in over-the-phone transactions for years, without a massive overhaul of processes and systems. We’ve worked out a simple and affordable way of achieving that. This is especially relevant where a company has already invested thousands of pounds in a call recording system, only to later find that it does not comply with Payment Card Industry (PCI) regulations. The beauty of Veritape CallGuard is that it is ‘plug and play’ technology, there is no complicated or expensive integration with current systems, it simply ‘bolts on’ to the existing set-up.  In pre-launch discussions with several leading call centres, all have virtually committed to buying our product. We believe that there will be a global market for our new box of tricks.
Cameron Ross, managing director of Veritape

But how does it work?
It’s simple. With Veritape CallGuard’s patent-pending technology, customers communicate their payment card details by using their telephone keypad. These key presses generate “DTMF tones” through the telephone.

Veritape CallGuard automatically detects and blocks those tones (and therefore the payment card data) from the call recording. At the same time, Veritape CallGuard automatically enters the customer’s card details into the relevant fields on the Agent’s screen, but obscured (with ‘***’ asterisks or similar just like a password field) so that the Agent handling the call does not see the card data.
Veritape CallGuard

The result is a simple low-cost way of ensuring PCI compliance from “the only call recording system accredited by the PCI Security Standards Council as a Participating Organisation.”


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