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NEWS: SplashID – a versatile secure password (and more) manager

Some things I like. This I like. SplashData’s SplashID. It’s not new in itself, although there is a new version.

It’s a password security manager for Mac, Windows and smartphones. Well, it’s more than just passwords – it’s all of the information that you need to keep handy but secure: passwords, PINs, account numbers, frequent flier numbers and so on. But let’s talk about passwords, because that’s something we all need.

There is a contradiction inherent in our use of passwords. We are urged to create difficult, and therefore almost by definition, unmemorable passwords. And then we are told to remember them, because writing them down would be insecure. We are told we need a different password for each different account; but since we all need dozens of different passwords for dozens of different accounts, we don’t do that. In the end, because life isn’t long enough to behave correctly, we end up with one single, memorable password that we use for all of our accounts. How secure is that!

There are ‘solutions’ around. Some will automatically generate a secure password and store it in a secure virtual wallet. I’ve tried some of these. You load your browser, go to the web page, attempt to log in, open the wallet, find your credentials, copy the relevant username, paste it into the web form, go back to the wallet, copy the password, paste it into the web form, and finally click submit. Much easier to use a single memorable password for all your accounts. And most of us do. And an awful lot of us have our identities stolen.

SplashID is a bit different. It’s an application that allows you to generate passwords based on your own criteria, and will tell you their strength. It then stores them encrypted with either AES or 256-bit Blowfish. So far this is nothing special. But SplashID is an application, not a wallet. It doesn’t just create and store your security credentials, it also stores the URL of the associated web page. Clicking on the link from within the application will load your browser, go to the page, and enter your password.

Click for larger image

SplashID on the Mac (but don't ever use 1234 as your password!)

That’s useful. It means we can be secure and efficient; not just one or the other. And you can automatically sync the data between your desktop (Mac and Windows) and your smartphone (such as Android). The desktop version costs $19.95 and the Android version costs $9.95.


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