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Metropolitan Police definitely support McDonalds and might be investigating Google

Top news at Privacy International today was that, following their complaint, the Metropolitan Police have launched an investigation into Google’s WiFiGate:

Crime reference number 2318672/10 was today issued by London’s Metropolitan Police, marking the commencement of investigations into Google for alleged criminal interception of Wireless communications content. Privacy International, which brought the complaint, has been briefed by police on the likely path the investigation will take.
Privacy International

Top news at the Met was Officers support Capital Clean Up:

POLICE OFFICERS from Hackney Central Safer Neighbourhoods team and Hackney Council’s Environmental team recently took part in McDonalds’ Capital Clean Up Campaign.

The event began in McDonalds in the Narroway, at the top of Mare Street, E8. Young people from Mossbourne Academy were given a talk about environmental issues and comprehensive look into how the council recycle.
Metropolitan Police

Now, I know we have a cockeyed view of privacy in this country (we give it away to Facebook but guard it through the Courts), but I really do believe there is something wrong here. Personally, I would prefer the law enforcement agents we pay to enforce the law to actually do that; and I would prefer the educational officers we pay to educate to do that. I’m really not keen on police officers telling us that they support McDonald’s, but not telling us they are investigating Google.

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