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The danger in virtualising too small

Virtualisation is one of the key driving forces in today’s IT world. The IT staff want it because it allows them to provide a better service. But that’s not the point. The CEO and CFO want it because they’ve been told it will use less space and less power and cost less; thereby also allowing them to add a green stripe to their marketing.

But today there is a warning to tread carefully in this argument. A new report commissioned by Sensor and called The Power Struggle confirms that power use is the critical factor, taking precedence over space. There is a danger that companies are not giving themselves sufficient space for future expansion when moving to a new data centre.

The drive by vendors to reduce hardware footprints alongside the rise in the popularity of virtualised solutions may go some way to explain why space is now perceived to be less of a priority when reviewing data centre operations. But this in fact serves to obscure the real threat to an industry that is now facing a limit of available specialist space which can meet the high availability demands of connected, global businesses.

That both power and space remain important is not in question. The fact that companies continue to outsource their data centre requirements immediately shows that the industry is increasingly aware of the associated business benefits of having externally hosted data centre facilities. That said, expertise and consultancy from the data centre operators needs to be improved in order to ensure that customers are getting what they need from their data centre space in the long term.
Franek Sodzawiczny, Development Director & Partner, Sentrum


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