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YouTube and the viral non-virus

Christopher Boyd at Sunbelt has an excellent post about the YouTube viral non-virus. It was a vulnerability. It was a very rapidly exploited vulnerability. But despite the escalating hysterical twitterstorm, it was not a virus.

The “virus” talk went viral, and you can see a huge slice of people amplifying the “virus” talk here. Even hours after it’s been fixed, people continue to talk about “getting infected” by a nonexistent virus and there’s a lot of unscheduled scans now taking place…
Christopher Boyd

It was, in fact, an excellent example of how difficult it is to control information in the post Twitter world – and well worth reading in case you ever need to get involved with damage limitation. Probably, you can’t.

Luckily, I spent all day yesterday watching the tennis and footer on the TV rather than YouTube – so I’m alright and haven’t been infected.

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