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Data loss is stressful – prepare to get stressed

Kroll Ontrack’s latest survey into the causes of data loss shows a reversal of the incidence of hardware and human failure. In 2005, 56% of respondents put the loss down to hardware failure. In 2010, this was down to 29%. In 2005, 11% of loss was blamed on user error; in 2010 this had risen to 40%.

The obvious conclusion is that hardware reliability is improving; but it’s not that simple. Kroll Ontrack’s engineers have seen consistent percentages in hardware failures over the last five years, so it’s difficult to see why the figures have changed. Whatever the reason, the reality, says Robert Winter, chief engineer, Ontrack Data Recovery, is that data loss “is not a matter of if, but rather a matter of when.” This is supported by the fact that 90% of the respondents have indeed experienced data loss.

Ultimately, we want to help users avoid the upset and frustration that can be felt as a result of data loss, especially if it involves the loss of personal data, as experienced by 63% of those we surveyed in the UK. Data loss is stressful regardless of whether it’s a home user whose data has been corrupted by a virus or a business that accidentally deletes critical files, volumes, virtual machines or a SAN LUN and there is no backup – or worse, the backup is redundant or corrupt. Kroll Ontrack is available around the clock to remedy virtually any data loss. With unmatched experts performing virtually any type of recovery, Ontrack Data Recovery can prioritise the recovery strategy according to the most critical needs of the customer and locate specific information on used areas of the drive as well as specified file types.
Phil Bridge, managing director, Kroll Ontrack UK

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