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If someone sells your identity, is it still identity theft?

I’m not sure if it’s a new site; but anyway, I got this press release about FreePhoneLookup.com:

Identity theft continues to be a concern among consumers. There are simple precautions individuals can take as a consumer to reduce their chances of being a victim of identity theft. One of the most important things a consumer can do is knowing who they are giving their personal information to over the phone. Utilizing simple free information services, such as FreePhoneLookup.com can provide the consumer with free phone lookup data.

Well, of course, I’m in the UK; and I’m pretty certain I would have heard of this in relation to European data protection laws if it was European. But the easiest way to find out is to try it. So I did, with my own UK phone number. Needless to say, it tried to convert the number to a US number; and gave me the name and address, down to house number and street of Jane Jones (not her real name) in California.

It's tempting to pay the $1.95 to see if I can get a photo as well!

Now, please excuse me if I’m being a bit naive here – but isn’t there something a bit strange about a service claiming to protect your identity, but then giving your name and address to NE1 free while offering to sell said NE1 a ‘full report’ on you for just $1.95?

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