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The butterfly effect: Mariposa’s wings are further clipped

Luis Corrons has been giving some more information on the reported Slovenian Mariposa arrests. You may recall that PandaLabs had been instrumental in the Mariposa takedown early this year. This arrest is not for the Spanish Mariposa botherder (Netkairo) but the original Mariposa developer (Iserdo). (See our interview with Luis here.)  Now Luis comments

Back in March, when the story went public, we talked about the Spanish guys arrested, and that they had bought the bot. Probably you realized that we didn’t mention anything about the seller of the bot. This was not because we didn’t know who was behind that, but because the FBI kindly ask us not to disclose that information, as they were chasing Iserdo. Who’s Iserdo? As far as I know, he is a Slovenian guy, the main developer of the butterfly bot and he was in touch with Netkairo, and was who sold the Mariposa bot to Netkairo…

But this is not over. The Guardia Civil is still trying to arrest more people regarding the Mariposa botnet. And Iserdo has been selling the bot to different people, who are creating new botnets (as the one with the “Vodafone Incident“.)
Luis Corrons, technical director, PandaLabs

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