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Let the spectre of Stasi bring trust to your business

It’s hard enough for me to choose which security VAR to use – but then the VAR has to decide which of the many products he provides is best for me. What a conundrum!

I know. I’ll let him spy on my staff. Then he’ll be able to demonstrate, because he’s been spying on my staff, that I have security risks. And my staff, knowing that I let other people spy on them, will trust me even more and will have even more loyalty to my company. Trust. It’s the basis of security. Trust me.

But why didn’t I see this earlier? Why did I have to wait for SpectorSoft’s Mark Inda, to tell me

…this type of detailed analysis [the spying], which would typically cost thousands of dollars to conduct, is helping resellers break into new accounts and immediately gain credibility by offering a valuable service that analyzes how a customer’s own employees ‘work’ and how individuals or groups are driving greater ROI within that organization. Once in the account and able to show that security, productivity, and compliance risks exist, the reseller can propose a broader solution—leveraging the strengths of multiple products in their portfolio to solve specific problems, which in turn, can yield more revenue for the reseller.

Will it work? You bet. SpectorSoft has told me about one of these VARs, Network People in the greater Tampa, FL area, who say

Thanks to Spector 360 as a featured part of our company’s new, focused security strategy, we have sold more security and monitoring product in the last quarter than in the previous 14 years combined. It has changed our whole culture.
Nate Freeman, Network President

So there you have it. Spy on your staff and change your whole culture. Who needs trust when you can have Stasi instead?


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