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NEWS: SonicWALL launches remote SSL VPN access products

Comprising a major software upgrade (Aventail 10.5) and a new device (SRA 1200), SonicWALL’s new offerings include smartphone support for remote access to data behind the corporate firewall.

The Aventail upgrade ties the unique mobile device ID to a specific user, confirms the user’s identity and verifies the security status of the end-point. Once these security checks have been passed, the SonicWALL Aventail solution grants the appropriate level of access from any web-enabled device, including Internet kiosks, laptops, smart phones, tablet PCs or any other web enabled device.

Let’s face it: everyone is mobile these days. We are connected and work whenever, wherever. Whether you like it or not – the corporate I.T. department has already lost control of what mobile devices we use and how we use them. This issue is known as the ‘consumerization’ of IT. With the SonicWALL Aventail solution, we return control and security to IT and still give end-users total freedom of choice to select the mobile platform that’s right for them. We can determine the appropriate level of trust for each mobile device and automatically grant differentiated levels of access. We return to order and security from a chaotic and dangerous mobile environment.
Patrick Sweeney, vice president of product management, SonicWALL

The new SRA 1200 appliance provides a unified policy management interface to simplify how IT managers grant access to corporate resources. Additionally, SonicWALL has integrated a powerful, Web Application Firewall (WAF) that incorporates dynamic signature updates to protect against modern, web-based threats.

SonicWALL’s SRA 1200 introduces a wealth of new, powerful SMB-focused features that help reduce my clients’ costs, and expand the capabilities of their networks. Best of all, innovative features like ‘Virtual Assist’ help me support small businesses remotely without having to do a truck roll.
Tom Gregorski, technical manager, eDrivium Corp


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