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Check Point/Ponemon Web2 Security Survey

This has to be the best headline I’ve read in ages:

Check Point and Ponemon Survey Reveals the Importance of Employee Consciousness in Web 2.0 Security

Presumably that just means ‘awake’. But what about conscious but drunk, or stoned, or out-to-lunch?

OK, OK, they’re not talking about conscious in the way I use the word – they’re talking about ‘aware’. And yes, users need to be more security aware, especially when using web2.

IT security administrators believe employees rarely or never consider corporate security threats in their everyday business communications – when downloading Internet applications, web browsing, opening links, video streaming, utilizing peer-to-peer (P2P) file sharing sites and engaging in social networking outlets. As a result, education and awareness is needed to help end users realize their important role in maintaining the organization’s security profile.

But there is, of course, another aspect of awareness that is needed. The company needs to be aware of which web2 sites – and in particular, which social networks, are being used by staff. In this way social networking can be managed and harnessed by the company, rather than the company abused by its users.

It’s clear that IT security administrators are concerned about the impact of Web 2.0 applications in the enterprise, but they also need better tools to understand which applications employees are using for business purposes. Implementing a flexible solution that factors in specific group or individual needs provides the bridge between users and IT administrators, and ultimately encourages employees to be more cautious when web browsing, taking into account corporate security policies.
Juliette Sultan, head of global marketing at Check Point Software Technologies

Web 2.0 Security in the Workplace

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