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Self-inflicted DoS through workaholic stress: burnout!

Two surveys caught my eye recently. The first is from Meerkat Cheaper, sorry, Make It Cheaper, a business price comparison site. According to Make It Cheaper, the majority of small business owners “risk a summer burnout by not taking a proper break.” In this survey of 1000 business owners, 14% aren’t planning any holidays at all this summer, with a further 38% staying close to home.  For those planning a holiday, it isn’t all good news, with 29% of people taking less time off in 2010 than in previous years.”

Being horizontal on a sunlounger is the perfect opportunity for business owners to read up on the latest management books and dream up new ways of increasing profits while reducing overheads. This is important downtime and shouldn’t be cut short because you are worried about the business. It’s better to have a way of staying in touch and the peace of mind that, if something major happens, you’ll get to know about it.
Jonathan Elliott, managing director, Make It Cheaper

To be honest, if a holiday is just the perfect opportunity to read up on the latest management books and dream up new ways of increasing profits while reducing overheads, I’ll stay at home and do it more cheaply. But it’s certainly true that everybody, not just business owners, need a proper break to maintain peak performance.

Unfortunately, as the second survey shows, these are rapidly becoming a thing of the past. Smartphones, laptops, iPads and netbooks are letting us take our work on holiday with us. Later on today security company Credant Technologies will release the findings from their own survey, which includes:

  • 95% of the 1000 people surveyed actually take their mobiles on holiday with the expectation of working and staying in touch with their bosses
  • 64% will even take their laptops with them to ensure they can catch up on work whilst trying to relax on the beach
  • 65% planning to take a summer break will remain in contact with the office, check email accounts and text to ensure things stay on track during their absence
  • Of the 65% staying in touch, almost 50% will check emails at least once a day
  • 57% blamed being a work junky on the current economic climate
  • 39% believe, rightly or wrongly, that their bosses actually expect to be able to contact them
  • 54% felt more stressed when checking emails when on holiday
  • 46% believed remaining in contact would have the adverse effect and leave them feeling in control and able to relax
  • 58% are worried about the security of the data that they carry around with them
  • 66% of laptops will be unencrypted and 51% left totally insecure without even a password for protection

This is something I can confirm, after nearly blowing a gasket because the holiday cottage overlooking the sea had faulty wiring and no broadband, and I was unable to relax and enjoy my holiday until I got hold of a T-Mobile dongle for my netbook!

Make It Cheaper

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