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Shame on you, Talk Talk

For some time now we have known that UK ISP Talk Talk has been monitoring its users’ movements across the internet. Instinctively this seems a bad thing – but Talk Talk earned a degree of credit in its principled opposition to the Digital Economy Act. So when the Talk Talk blog reassuringly commented:

You may have read this week about our trial of scanning web pages. It’s certainly created a debate among those who follow our industry and on our Members Forum. It’s a discussion we welcome and I’d like to use this blog to answer questions and get feedback as we progress with the testing.

To provide some context, we’re doing this trial in advance of offering a free opt-in product that will warn customers if their computer or device connected to their home broadband is viewing a page that contains viruses or threats…

then I decided to wait for more information. This has now arrived in the form of a post from the No DPI blog – and No DPI has even greater credit for its unwavering, active and effective opposition to Phorm. No DPI gives a pretty thorough analysis and description (which is worth reading in full) of why Talk Talk’s actions are actually illegal, and concludes:

By covertly stalking their customers, obtaining intellectual property using fraud, obtaining unauthorised access to computers and data, failing to protect retained data securely, failing to seek consent for processing… TalkTalk have committed a series of criminal offences.

If you value the privacy, security, and integrity of your communications… use a trustworthy ISP. Do not use TalkTalk.

If you’re a TalkTalk subscriber or web master with evidence of illegal interception by TalkTalk, you should report them to the police.

If you operate a web site serving internet users in the UK, you should use SSL encryption for all of your communications.
TalkTalk becomes StalkStalk

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