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PandaLabs warns that Code 9 is back on the social networks

Code 9 was first noticed a few years ago. It is simply a silent warning that “I cannot speak freely, I’m not alone”. But PandaLabs is warning that it is back on Facebook; and it is simplicity itself. If you cannot speak freely because an adult or guardian is nearby, just type or mention the number ‘9’, followed by ’99’ when the coast is clear.

Code 9 on Facebook

Code 9 'advice' circulating on Facebook

Interestingly, when you visit the profiles and pages created to spread ‘Code 9’ and you look at the followers and friends, there are hardly any youngsters, in fact quite the opposite, which gives an indication as to the sort of people who are interested in distributing this type of information.
Luis Corrons, Technical Director of PandaLabs

So what can you do? Basically you have two options: you can use legal spyware to spy on your kids and check up on what they’re doing on the internet, or you can develop a trusted relationship with your kids. Luis Corrons is of the latter opinion: “We always advise that the best way to achieve this is for parents and children to have a relationship based on trust, so it is not necessary to be constantly monitoring kids while they’re on social networks and the like.”

But if you want my opinion you can find it here:


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