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Social networks: prohibition or mitigation

Banning social networks at work is a mistake on three counts:

  • it misses a trick on staff morale
  • it misses several tricks on free marketing
  • prohibition doesn’t work anyway

The solution is to mitigate the dangers and control the use rather than prohibit it completely. The problem is: how?

Well it requires some pretty sophisticated monitoring and control over a large number of loose ends on a wide range of social systems. Enter FaceTime’s new Socialite, a system that provides an extended set of feature and content controls for more than 1,000 social networks. In the three leading social networks, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter, Socialite provides control for 95 distinct activity and content features, and can also moderate and archive content to ensure that only pre-approved content is shared.

The rapid growth in social media has moved business communications beyond the corporate firewall and into the public domain. The control and management of collaborative communications is now a priority for many organisations as they struggle to come to grips with tightening regulatory and compliance standards, particularly in the financial services sector. Socialite addresses these challenges by offering comprehensive control and management over the wide variety of social media channels, integrating seamlessly with existing IT infrastructures.
Nick Sears, VP EMEA, FaceTime Communications

Features include

  • Identity Management: the ability to establish a single corporate identity and track users across multiple social media platforms e.g. @SarahFaceTime on Twitter and Sarah Louise Carter on LinkedIn
  • Data leak prevention: preventing sensitive data from leaving the company, either maliciously or inadvertently
  • Granular Application Control: enabling the access to Facebook and its thousands of  “applets” by category or individual application
  • Activity control: the ability to manage access to features, such as who can read, like, comment upon or access 95 distinct features on Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter
  • Moderator control: can be applied to Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter where content is required to be pre-approved by a corporate communications officer or other third-party
  • Log conversation and content: capture all posts, messages and commentary made to Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter in context, as well as exporting to an archive of choice for eDiscovery


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