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Cameron Diaz is the most dangerous thing on the Internet; apart from Intel buying McAfee…

Today McAfee releases two news announcements. Firstly, “Cameron Diaz Named Most Dangerous Celebrity in Cyberspace by McAfee, Inc”. Oh yes, and by the way, Intel is buying McAfee.

cameron diaz

Eye candy on McAfee news item

This is important: “Justin Timberlake’s Ex Knocks Current Girlfriend Biel to #3 Spot”. Let’s get our priorities right! And knowing which item most of us will be most interested in, here’s the graphic from the announcement…

Just to finish off, the top ten celebrities used for social engineering are:

  1. Cameron Diaz
  2. Julia Roberts
  3. Jessica Biel
  4. Gisele Bündchen
  5. Brad Pitt
  6. Adriana Lima
  7. Jennifer Love Hewitt, Nicole Kidman (equal)
  8. Tom Cruise
  9. Heidi Klum, Penelope Cruz (equal)
  10. Anna Paquin

But Intel buying McAfee? That really is interesting and full of possibilities – and concerns. Firstly, Intel does not have the cleanest reputation in the industry, having, off the top of my head, been sued recently by Japan, the EU and the USA’s FTC (we’re not talking about companies litigating against Intel, we’re talking governments here). So, frankly, if I was NE Other AV vendor, I’d be more than a little concerned. For example, many PCs are sold pre-configured with 12 months of Symantec’s Norton AV. Is this going to end? Will PC vendors get any choice over what AV product is supplied with the PC? Is this, in fact, something for the Competition Commission (and other national competition bodies) to investigate?

The second thing that worries me about Intel is its involvement with the ‘trusted computing’ movement. Trusted computing is a seductive idea. You protect the hardware so that nothing bad can run on it. But think about this. If you stop bad things, you have to allow good things. Problem is, it’s not you (the user) but them (the trusted computing supplier) that defines what is good and what is bad. Now, already in France we have this HADOPI thing, where it was seriously suggested that the government should be able to impose what amounts to a Trojan on all users’ PCs in order to enforce their own copyright enforcement laws. That’s scary. More scary is that it is easily accomplished via Intel chips already included on the majority of existing PCs – and undoubtedly will be on all future PCs (even AMD PCs).

Now here we have Intel getting actively involved in security. I have to ask if this is a marketing ploy to sell the idea that ‘we understand security and will be able to enforce ACTA, DEA, HADOPI, and anything else you want’ to governments.

Intel buying McAfee is a truly scary thing. I really, really hope that the competition people around the world simply say, “Non!” But don’t hold your breath, because those competition people are the same governments that are bringing in ACTA, DEA, HADOPI etcetera that Intel/McAfee can enforce…



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