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“When people think of security…”

2nd Lt Jeffery Brown of the 4th Space Operations Squadron, Schreiver Air Force Base, Colorado has written about security:

When people think of security… However, one piece of security that is often overlooked and seems so small, but could put lives in danger everyday is information security.

Jesus! These people are supposed to be protecting us!

“Shredding helps to protect our information from falling into the wrong hands,” said Capt. Michael Sontag, 50th Space Wing operational security manager. “Terrorist groups are more focused on getting unclassified information because it isn’t illegal to gather. When you get many unclassified pieces together they sometimes begin to tell a classified story.”

I suppose, in fairness, it is not so much that these officers of the mightiest air force in the world are making such comments, but that they feel it is necessary for them to do so.

100 percent shred required for INFOSEC

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