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Surely I’m worth more than this?

September 24, 2010 Leave a comment Go to comments

Psychology is strange. A threat from a master is far more acceptable than a threat from a novice – even though the danger is greater. Being phished by a novice is insulting: is that all they think of me?

Here’s one. Look at the grammar. Look at the spelling. Look at the punctuation. Surely I’m worth a bit more effort than that!

Typical (but genuine) phishing email...

The site hidden under the link is ‘admemex dot com’. I thought I’d have a look – but Firefox tried to stop me. That was reassuring.

A reassuring warning from Firefox

But I persisted – I wanted to see how good (or bad, considering the text grammar) a site forgery might be. This is where I landed; and as far as I went.

The forged website

But compare the site forgery to the genuine page:

The genuine site

Not bad, eh? If the email author had spent as much effort in his (or her) text as was spent on the website forgery, then we might not be as safe as we are.

But remember this: curiosity compromised the cat. Don’t click on dubious links at home – go play in the road where it’s safer.

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