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Is Elcomsoft a force for Good or Evil? You decide

September 29, 2010 Leave a comment Go to comments

Elcomsoft, a Russian cryptanalysis company, has a history of upsetting the West. Way back in 2001, Dmitry Sklyarov, an Elcomsoft programmer, was arrested in the USA after presenting at DEF CON. He had developed a product, The Advanced eBook Processor, that would decrypt encrypted Adobe e-books. He had not broken any US laws while in the USA, nor was his product illegal in Russia. But it certainly upset Adobe and other western publishers at the time.

Today we have a new Elcomsoft product: the Elcomsoft Wireless Security Auditor, complete with WPA2 brute force password cracking. And they’re still upsetting people. Idappcom’s CTO, Roger Haywood, has commented:

…the reality is that the software can brute force crack as many as 103,000 WiFi passwords per second – which equates to more than six million passwords a minute – on an HD5390 graphics card-equipped PC. Furthermore, if you extrapolate these figures to a multi-processor, multiple graphics card system, it can be seen that this significantly reduces the time take to crack a company WiFi network to the point where a dedicated hacker could compromise a corporate wireless network.

Our observations at Idappcom is that this is another irresponsible and unethical release from a Russian-based company that has clearly produced a `thinly disguised’ wireless network hacking tool with the deliberate intention of brute force hacking wireless networks.

The solution is clearly and intentionally priced within the grasp of any hacker or individual intent on malicious wireless attacks. Assuming you have no password and access control recovery system, if you do forget the password to a wireless network that you own, how difficult do you think it is to walk over to the device and press the reset button? In most situations resetting a wireless device, restoring a configuration and setting a new password is a process that can be achieved in minutes.

This is an absolutely valid viewpoint. But I’d like to suggest an alternative view. Was Adobe’s encryption weak in 2001 because of Dmitry Sklyarov; or did/could Dmitry Sklyarov produce his software because Adobe’s encryption was weak? Adobe’s security is far stronger today. Is that partly because of Elcomsoft?

And now, does the Elcomsoft EWSA product create insecure networks, or merely demonstrate that those networks are already insecure? One thing we can be sure of; the security of those WiFi networks will now have to improve. Is that a bad thing?

There is a similarity here with the full disclosure debate. And I suspect that people will take similar sides. You may have guessed that, on balance, I believe that security is improved by full disclosure; and by companies like Elcomsoft. Those who believe that full disclosure is irresponsible disclosure will probably believe that Elcomsoft is irresponsible.

And never the twain shall meet.


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