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When a marketing company tells lies, it becomes a spamming company

October 27, 2010 Leave a comment Go to comments

Now I know i am just a grumpy old git – but this sort of thing so annoys me. I got this in my email today:


Marketing - or spamming?


Technically, it’s spam, because it is certainly unsolicited. But I usually take a fairly relaxed view over what is spam and what is not. This is something I would tend to call marketing – if it were targeted to people who might be interested. But I am not interested. And for one very good reason. I don’t have an iPhone. In fact, I don’t have any smartphone. (Readers may recall my aversion to fried brains.)

So why have they sent me this? The answer may be at the bottom of the email:


Referred by a friend? Yeah, right.

First of all it says my email address has been given as a referral from a friend. That’s a lie. I don’t have any friends. Or rather, hopefully, it’s a lie because I don’t have any iPhones. But then it says the mailing is from a company called MailChimp.

The point here is that one of them, either iFindiPhone or MailChimp, is lying. I have no way of knowing which – so I put both into the same category. Both companies are lying spammers. That’s the impression I get. It is possible that only one of them is. But the net effect is that I won’t touch iFindiPhone with a barge pole. When a marketing company tells lies, it becomes a spamming company.

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  1. October 30, 2010 at 10:04 pm

    I think MailChimp are in the clear. They’re a well known – and easy-to-use – service for handling mailing lists. They don’t compile the mailing lists themselves, just provide an infrastructure for organisations and individuals to build mailing lists and send out natty templated emails to users.

    In my experience MailChimp hate spammers, and take a dim view on users who abuse their systems by sending unsolicited emails.


  2. October 28, 2010 at 1:11 am

    Dear Kevin,

    Appologies for the unsolicited mail, your name was given to me as a journalist whom might be interested in the press release? I am a close friend of Emma Bennett and the MD of iFindiPhone.

    I suspect you have unsubscribed to my list but will ensure you do not receive further communication from us 😦

    The hope was that you might like the site 🙂

    PS I’d be happy to help you chose the right smart phone, when that time comes and can get you a good deal…

    Appologies once again


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