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Once More ‘Round the AMTSO Wheel of Pain – an article by David Harley

November 3, 2010 Leave a comment Go to comments

The article is here.

I must say that I have known and respected David Harley for many years. I still respect him enormously. Indeed, I respect the anti-virus industry in general. So, having said that, a quick response to David’s article. In it, he says:

That brings us to Kevin Townsend, who could never be described as AMTSO’s best friend…

…But then I realized that he might have been misled by this statement on the AMTSO home page…

I would just like to say that I don’t believe that I have been misled. I know that AMTSO is open to the people I would like to see within it. But the fact is they are not in it. So my point is simply that AMTSO needs to go and get them. Just saying that “AMTSO membership is open to any corporation, institution or unaffiliated individual interested in participating in this organization” is not in itself sufficient if they don’t join. However, as soon as AMTSO has sufficient representation from within the AV user community, it will gain the credibility it deserves.

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