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Why do I want a smartphone? Let me count the ways

November 18, 2010 Leave a comment Go to comments

This is why I want a smartphone:

  • I want my computer with me at all times
  • I want instant access to the internet; anywhere, anytime
  • I want all those wonderful apps you can get for a smartphone, either free or at a tiny fraction of the cost of the equivalent on a laptop or desktop

What I don’t want a smartphone is for – a phone. Why should I want another phone? I’ve got a mobile phone. It’s more than adequate. I speak into it, and I hear from it. It’s a perfectly adequate phone. So all I need or want from the smartphone is the computer – not the phone.

But can I have a smartphone without the phone? Can I he…

Well, wait a minute, maybe I can.

All I need is a SIM free smartphone. Provided I have access to wi-fi broadband, such as at home, where I have already paid for access to the internet, then I can use wi-fi to hop onto my prepaid broadband.

But it gets better, because I can then use Skype to get free VoIP telephony while I’m at home. And, come to think of it, according to their latest television adverts, if I subscribe to BT Internet, then I qualify for free use of thousands and thousands of BT wi-fi hotspots all over the country – so I can get free VoIP telephone conversations on a SIM free smartphone in an increasing number of situations and places. I’ll be able to keep my existing dumb smartphone pay-as-you go for emergencies when I can’t access a BT hotspot.

Now I totally accept that this is just theory, and that BT’s hotspots will be a long way from giving me adequate VoIP telephony just yet. But maybe the hotspots is BT’s way of fighting back at the microwave mob… Maybe, with more and more people using mobile phones instead of BT’s landlines, BT is beginning to be a bit concerned. And maybe, just maybe, the free wi-fi hotspots is a plan to stop the rot. I do hope so.

(Sadly, I have to admit that this is all theory. I don’t have a smartphone, SIMful or SIMfree, so I don’t know if this would actually work. The theory sounds good though… Anyone?)

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