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SecureBrowsing: a free real-time URL security scanner from M86

Damn! I’ve been waiting for this – but I guess I’ll have to wait a bit longer.

SecureBrowsing is an application (browser add-on) that M86 inherited from Finjan. It was in desperate need of updating, and only ran on PCs. A couple of weeks ago M86’s Bradley Anstis told me that it was indeed being updated, and that a Mac version would be released at the same time, very soon. So I’ve been waiting and watching my in-tray for the announcement. It came today (for Mac and PC Firefox and PC IE 6-8):

M86 SecureBrowsing is a plug-in that provides real-time scanning of URLs and alerts users to potentially malicious Web content embedded in search results links, malware-laced advertising or “malvertising” and malicious links in social media pages of Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. URLs from these sites are anonymously sent to cloud-based scanners based on M86’s Secure Web Gateway, which scan the links using their patented Real-Time Code Analysis (RTCA) technology. All scans are done in real time, unlike other link checking services, which compare URLs to static database lists that require background scans and can easily become out of date. M86 SecureBrowsing then displays an easy to understand security rating in the search results page, allowing the user to understand if the link is safe. It is the only browser security plug-in that can instantly scan and analyse the links every time a URL appears.

You can probably see why I’ve been waiting for it, and why I want it for me and my Mac. But here’s the rub: I’m using the beta version 4 of Firefox (which, incidentally, I find excellent). And SecureBrowsing for Mac and Firefox isn’t compatible with version 4. Like I said: damn!

SecureBrowsing download page

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  1. Rachel
    April 18, 2012 at 10:53 pm

    Was this ever updated?


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